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4th Oct. 2016

CAMPCO’s endeavour is to develop new products and our CAMPCO Chocolate Factory is fully equipped for the same.  Cocoa being one of the main inter crop that Arecanut Farmers grow in their gardens, as a step towards value addition, CAMPCO has now entered into a technical collaboration and signed a MoU with the Central Food Technological Reserach Institute (CFTRI), Mysuru in this regard.

CFTRI will be supplying seeds of  QUINOA(Chenopodium quinoa) belonging to family Chenopodiaceae. The grains are very rich in essential Proteins higher than the cereals. The grain crop is grown primarily for its edible seeds and also Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) which is a plant of Mexican and South American origin belonging to Lamiaceae family well  known for its rich Omega 3 fatty acids and high nutraceutical value.  Both these grains are gaining popularity as  “Super Food”, all around the world. Famous in foreign Countries, In India it is developed by CFTRI and technical know-how of the same is transferred to Farmers who in turn will supply to CAMPCO through Cooperative Societies.    These two main ingredients will be incorporated in our products for the value addition of  Chocolates.

MoU between CAMPCO and CFTRI was signed on 3rd October, 2016 at CFTRI, Mysuru in the presence of CAMPCO – Sri.S.R.Satischandra, President; Sri.Suresh Bhandary M, Managing Director and Sri.P.Janardhan, Senior Manager – Quality and CFTRI-Prof.Ram Rajasekharan, Director and Dr.Sachidananda, Scientist.

Photograph on signing the Memorandum is attached herewith.


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