The Central Arecanut and Cocoa Marketing and Processing Co-operative Ltd  is continuing to work on its plans to export processed tender Arecanut fruit to China.

Two rounds of talks have already been held with  Kou Wei Wang (meaning ‘king of taste’) company  of China.   A high level delegation from the Chinese Company consisting of their Chairperson Mr.Guo Zhiguang, the General Secretary Ms.Luo Lihua and Marketing Manager Mr.Li visited CAMPCO Head Office on 1st April, 2016 and held the third round of discussions.

With a view to help the Areca Farmers and maintain a stable Market, CAMPCO is in the process of envisioning a deal with Kou Wei Wang for exporting Tender Arecanut to China.  India is the major Arecanut producer in the World.  Though China too is a major producer, it still requires more to meet its demand in the market.   If CAMPCO is able to procure the required raw material for the mouth freshner i.e. peel of tender Arecanut, then it would be a golden opportunity in paving the way for a conducive atmosphere for the export of  large scale Arecanut and also a boost to introduce value added Arecanut products.


Sri.S.R.Satishchandra, President; Sri.Suresh Bhandary M, Managing Director and Sri.Konkodi Padmanabha, Director & Ex President along with Senior Executives of CAMPCO participated in the talks.

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