Terms and Condition :

1. Disposable Head cap & Shoe cover available at Campco Employees Co-op society (KIOSK-Near main gate)

2. The visitors are need to purchase the head cap & shoe cover from CECS by paying an amount of Rs 50/- per head (It includes chocolate gift pack worth Rs 50/-) & For Students below 7th Std Campco will provide shoe cover and head cap on free of cost.

3. The company can change/cancel the date of permision at any point of time with out any prior intimation or information if any statutory Audit is scheduled.

4. The people who are suffering from contiguous diseases like Diarrhea, Typhoid / paratyphoid, Hepatitis A, Cholera, etc.are not permitted.

5. The person entering the production areas must adhere to the company policy protective clothing and footwear .

6. Persons entering the production plant must ensure that their hands are washed thoroughly with appropriate soap and sanitiser.

7. Hands must be washed thoroughly after using the toilet facilities, after taking food, touching floor / shoes / sandals, etc. which may pose hygienic / GMP issues.

8. Visitors must adhere to the company’s “No Smoking policy” inside the production plant.

9. Do not put yourself at risk, follow the safety advice and wear protective clothing as directed by the Security Officials.

10. In the event of an evacuation, visitors must make their way to safe assembly point as informed by Security.

11. No food or drink to be taken in to the production areas.

12. No chewing gum is permitted on site.

13. Be aware of material moving trolleys.

14. Do not spit inside the plant / premises of the factory. Use wash rooms for spitting or washing of mouth / face.

15. All vehicles to be parked in designated areas. Follow instructions of the security while parking your vehicles.

16. Please note that camera / photography is not permitted in the production plant.

17. The plant & area are under CCTV surveillance